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Wedding Day!: 2013 – 2014

We have been learning about celebrations and traditions. We found out about how different faiths celebrate weddings. We had our own wedding ceremony and enjoyed making and eating wedding cake!

Picture 1 Making wedding cakes
Picture 2 Working together!
Picture 3 Counting -we need enough for all the guests!
Picture 4 The Bride and Groom RNG
Picture 5 Some beautiful bridesmaids
Picture 6 The best man brings the rings
Picture 7 The Bride's mother looked very proud
Picture 8 The highlight of the ceremony
Picture 9 The Wedding Rings-no expense spared!
Picture 10 The three "Best Men"
Picture 11 The guests were stunned when they saw the brides!
Picture 12 OOOOH don't they look lovely!
Picture 13 The guests were very well dressed!
Picture 14 Watching the couples walk back down the aisle
Picture 15 The first dance