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School Travel Plan

School Travel Plan Update - March 2022


Work continues on our school travel plan. As part of this we have to select a certain number of initiatives to be involved with in order to meet the green accreditation for Modeshift Stars. We are just beginning to take part in the WOW Living Streets Walk to School project. This involves taking a baseline survey of how the children currently travel to school; we then encourage them and their families to try and walk to school more frequently, and by doing this the children can earn badges. It is hoped that this will increase the number of children walking to school, and therefore reduce the number of cars around the school site before and after school.  

We are also encouraging as many families as possible to join in with our Park and Stride campaign. We have a Walking Bubble Map around Harborne Primary School. The Park And Stride campaign involves parents parking outside of the five minute walking bubble around school and walking the last part of the journey into school. Please have a look at this five minute walking bubble map and have a go at helping us achieve our goals. We aim to increase the number of children walking to school and the number of parents using the Park and Stride option.  

Over the rest of this academic year, we will also be working on:  

  • road safety and pedestrian skills with the children 

  • installing scooter and cycle parking facilities for the children 

  • participating in an air pollution promotion 

  • training some junior PCSOs to monitor traffic congestion around school. 

We will continue to update you on our plans in this newsletter, as well as publishing updates on our website.