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Reception Intake 2021

Statutory Reception Baseline Assessment 

Please click on the below link to find out more about the new statutory Reception Baseline Assessment (RBA), which schools need to complete with every child in their setting within the first six weeks of them starting school.



Visits to school in week 6-10th September


We are really looking forward to meeting our Reception 2021 children and getting to know them and their family. A few details about the visits.


  • Visits are for you and your child with no other families present so you should expect to spend about 20 minutes with the teacher.
  • You should come to the  school office at the site your child will attend-Station Road or the Annex. Our staff will escort you to the correct classroom... it really helps if you (or  better still your child) can tell us if they are in RVF or RGT or RLB or RDC.
  • You can dress your child  casually or in school uniform-the choice is yours. However this will be your best chance of getting "starting school" photographs in the classroom so you may prefer uniform for that reason.
  • You can buy book bags from the school office before or after your appointment, We would need cash rather than card payment  (it is approx £7 for the two items ...I will check and update to exact cost)
  • If you have your child's Nursery report please bring it on this visit-let us know if you need it back or have another copy.
  • You will have a chance to ask questions but hopefully will have already read the Powerpoint  below to avoid duplication
  • Make sure your child understands the purpose of the visit-to meet the staff and see the classroom with you. But that next time they come  will be going to school properly by themselves and you wont be going in that time! Staff will be on hand to help with that!

APOLOGY! In the powerpoints below we refer to a video for you and your child to watch about a special "holiday mission" we want them to do before starting school. We are attempting to make this video available but cannot do so at the moment! Someone has changed the password to the school youtube channel and so I cannot create a link to enable you to watch the video! Hopefully our IT team can sort it promptly! 

If your child is going to our Annex class this Powerpoint will tell you and them some more about what to expect... 

Powerpoint for Annex Class RDC

If your child is at Main Site you need to choose the right Powerpoint for their class-this was on the last letter we sent you in the post!

Update 14/6/2021

 Due to rising numbers of COVID cases across the city schools have been advised by Dr Justin Varney ( Director of Public Health) to cancel plans for face to face transition events this term. So this means there will be no meetings on 7th and 8th July. 
We are so sad that we won’t get to do transition as planned. The plans for September remain the same except that the Home Visits planned for the week of 6th-10th September will now be school visits so you and your child will have an individual appointment to meet the staff in the classroom.

The timing of the announcement has meant that we now need to redo the letters that we did last week and were ready to post! We are redrafting and still hope to get letters sent out by the end of the week.These will give your starting school dates and tell you your child’s “house colour” (this is the  colour they need for their water bottle and PE top) you will also be told which class they are in but not the teacher’s name as our staffing is not yet finalised. 
The four classes will be labelled class 1, 2,3 and Annex. We will add teachers names here as soon as we can. The staff will then be adding videos of themselves so you can put faces to names! They are also going to reuse some of the recorded material they did in lockdown so you and your child can hear and see them telling stories and doing some other activities.


I am going to post a “Slido” link here for you to post questions. This will open on Monday 28th June... this link can only remain live for a week so will end on Sunday 4th July. I will then post answers to the questions posed. 

We will continue to update this page and keep you abreast of any changes so please check in regularly.


Once again we apologise for the change of plan, it seems that COVID is going to impact on a third cohort of Reception children which is really sad but hopefully the impact for this group of children will be minimal. We were amazed at how well the children settled last year despite the lack of visits to school etc. so hopefully your children will do the same! 
Looking forward to meeting you all! 
Best Wishes 

Mrs Julie Hallam


IMPORTANT- site allocation has been complicated this year due to the LA decision to ask you not to accept by 30/4 but only to contact them to decline. We still don't have a complete list of 120 acceptances!

As it stands almost all families who have accepted will get their choice of site, There are a handful of families who will be placed at the other site although this may change back when all late offers are in. I am still trying to contact these families and hope to have done so by Tuesday 25th.If you are in this position and have applied for Wraparound care then your application will be added to both lists so you cannot be disadvantaged.


What to do after receiving your school offer from BCC Admissions.


1) Are you accepting Harborne primary?


Your email from BCC says you don't need to accept but that is really unhelpful for us as a school! Please do contact the school to accept by April 30th and to collect your pack with lots of forms and information for you. This includes your chance to inform us of your site preference so please do not delay as it could hinder your chances of getting the site you prefer.

These packs are available from our school office at Station Road  from Tuesday 20th April. 

However if you already have an older child at school (either site) your child will bring the pack home so you do not need to collect one. 

The letter included below will be in that pack so reading it now may help you prepare-if you bring the "proofs" mentioned on your first visit they should be able to process your application on the spot (please avoid doing this at busy times like the start and finish of the school day as we are still trying to minimise adults on site so 10am to 3pm is preferable. Alternatively a quick visit where you state your acceptance and site preference and then take the pack away to complete and return with proofs at a later date is fine.


2) Do you wish to decline the offer?


A prompt decision is really helpful to other families. You need to inform BCC as requested in the offer email and it would help if you also emailed reception@harborne.bham.sch.uk  

with your child's name in the subject box and a brief statement that you decline the offer. We can then remove your details from our database.

If by April 30th you are not certain of your plans then you should accept knowing you can withdraw later. Only decline if you are certain that you do not want the place. It is incredibly helpful to us and to other families if you are open about your plans. Telling us that you are accepting for now but may be leaving the area before September or that you are on the waiting list for another local school is not going to prejudice your place in any way at all.

Here is a copy of the letter in the pack you will receive when you accept a place-it may be helpful to have an idea of what happens next sooner rather than later!

What to do if you wanted HPS but didn't get an offer.


Unfortunately some families are disappointed every year. Emotions can run high and parents understandably want information about their "chances", Unfortunately school cannot provide the information you need. We will not even get our "waiting list" until it has been created by BCC and they cannot even begin to do this until all acceptances/refusals are in and are processed. BCC have information on their website about when and how to contact them to find out your waiting list position.

Please be patient, if a place comes up that your child is entitled to you will be contacted even if you have already accepted another school.

How do we apply for Wraparound Care?


The only way to apply is by filling in an online application form and sending it to wraparound@harborne.bham.sch.uk


Applications SHOULD open at 8.00am on Monday 24th May 2021 (we will advise on here if that needs to change for any reason) Any applications before that exact time (even 07.59) will not be considered. The time of the email gives us the waiting list order once priority places are filled. So priority is given first to families who already have a child/children attending that particular club and then full-time applications get priority over part-time. Full-time means a five day a week place at one club. Many parents only require morning or afterschool places so we treat these as two separate clubs and they have separate waiting lists. There is more information on the website under "About Us" then "Wraparound care" and this is where you will find the application form. Please make sure you use the correct form (Year specified) and do not get an out of date copy from another parent!

Dear Parents, 


We are sorry we cannot offer our usual Open days and tours of the school for prospective parents due to restrictions put in place to restrict the spread of the coronavirus. Our  annual Open Days attract so many visitors that we cannot hope to meet the demands for visits whilst protecting our school community. We understand this is frustrating for you and are exploring ways to "share our school" with you in a safe way.

 I am uploading here a powerpoint that we would have shared at our Open Days...had they been able to take place. We have also included video tours of our two sites. Our Year Six pupils took a lead on the annex tour as they are missing out on acting as hosts at Open Days. They also interviewed each other so you could get some pupil feedback.

A parent volunteered to give her view on the school and then asked some friends to do the same. Asking your friends and neighbours who have children at HPS about the school is a great way to get more  information about the HPS experience!.


More information will be uploaded here in time. The rest of this website should also help give you a flavour of our school.

We really look forward to meeting our 2021 cohort and welcoming them to our school community. We hope that by the summer term  we can welcome your family into the building and have the full range of our normal transition activities to support your child at such an exciting time.


Very Best wishes


Mrs J Hallam

Assistant Headteacher and  EYFS/Y1 Phaseleader



Powerpoint with information about starting school in September 2021. (All dates and details are subject to change if we remain under COVID guidelines)

A video tour of our main site at Station Road

Still image for this video
We apologise for the delay but think you will agree it was worth waiting to see our lovely children enjoying playing in their newly resurfaced outdoor spaces!

A tour of our Annex on Court Oak road

Still image for this video
Pupil Views
Here are some of our Year Six pupils to talk to you about Harborne Primary school. In "normal years" all 90 of our Year Six pupils get a turn at being tour guides and taking visitors and prospective parents on a tour around the school and answering any questions they may have. This cohort are sad that they are not getting this opportunity but have enjoyed interviewing each other and making the Annex tour video below.


Still image for this video
Some of our current parent body wanted to tell you about the school from their point of view... we promise no scripts were given and no arms were twisted!

Parent View

Still image for this video
Some of our current parent body wanted to tell you about the school from their point of view... we promise no scripts were given and no arms were twisted!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

VIDEO-2020-11-17-08-57-41 (1).mp4

Still image for this video

A letter from Admissions at Birmingham Local Authority-how to apply for a school place for Reception 2021