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Reception Intake 2021

Dear Parents, 


We are sorry we cannot offer our usual Open days and tours of the school for prospective parents due to restrictions put in place to restrict the spread of the coronavirus. Our  annual Open Days attract so many visitors that we cannot hope to meet the demands for visits whilst protecting our school community. We understand this is frustrating for you and are exploring ways to "share our school" with you in a safe way.

As an initial source of information I am uploading here the powerpoint used at LAST YEAR'S Open mornings. Whilst obviously out of date it should answer some questions until we can provide something more cohort specific.

Please bear with us! We are very busy resettling over 700 children into their new classes and adapting to new routines and procedures but understand that your child starting school is of huge concern to you and do not want to leave you with no source of information.

More information will be uploaded here in time. The rest of this website should also help give you a flavour of our school.


Very Best wishes


Mrs J Hallam

Assistant Headteacher and  EYFS/Y1 Phaseleader