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Reception 2020 intake

Shopping for school.


You may be thinking about getting ready for September. There is information about uniform items and local and online stockists on the “About us” page under “uniform”. 
We are sending a letter to your child in the next week or so and the information sheet mentions their “house colour” you will need to know this when you buy the school PE top  so please don’t buy or order those  until you have this information! We won’t be getting changed for PE until the children are full-time but PE bags can be brought in before that and are then left in the cloakroom in term- time and sent home each holiday for a wash.


We always expect that children are as independent as possible in getting the right clothes on for PE or outdoor play but in September 2020 the guidelines tell us to keep distant from the children as much as possible so please work on these important self- help skills over the summer break. Have trials of getting ready for PE or putting on their own coats etc.Think about this when shopping as some  styles are easier to manage than others and trousers are so much easier than tights in winter! 

We are very happy for children to have “unbadged” polo tops and shirts as they need lots of these items and it keeps costs down. Lots of families buy one badged one ( for photo day etc) and then a pack of plain ones. Weather in September varies and we have children start in summer uniform ( school dress/shorts or in long trousers or skirts/ pinafores) we really don’t mind as long as your child is comfortable! 

Here is some information for 2020 from Clive Marks which is one of the options for buying badged items and has a shop in Bearwood and an online service. 


  1. We would really appreciate the schools help and encourage parents to set up an online account with Clive Mark Via our website, It’s a simple process to register and will make shopping online more efficient. We really do stress this will help immensely this year and help maintain social distancing measures so stores do not come under pressure. We would also like to stress that parents should not leave purchasing uniform to the last minute this year as this will be a huge challenge in the current climate.
  2. Please inform all Parents and Carers who want to shop online that they can avail of the 15% off discount by applying this code NI2020 (New Intake only Please) 
  3. We have launched a voucher scheme with “Saving Local” enabling parents/carers to buy vouchers when they can afford to do so and help spread the cost of payment in this manner. Please see Clive Mark Website for details (clivemark.co.uk)



Reception teachers would ask you to buy a non- uniform school coat (can you imagine the cloakroom dramas with 30 identical coats!) Infact they would ask you to choose a distinctive coat and make sure your child knows what their school coat looks like! Sending them with different coats, hats, scarves, gloves etc on different days is usually a recipe for disaster as they don’t know which item to look for when they get lost and nor do we! One of each cloakroom item that is kept for school and clearly labelled with your child’s name is really helpful.  We strongly suggest you keep their best clothes and any expensive designer items for weekends and holidays! 

Please select items that are practical and easy for your child to manage- coats where one layer is inside another so there are two sets of sleeves are really problematic! Fixed hoods are so much better than a removable hood or a hat! Gloves that clip to the sleeve are less likely to disappear! 
If your child is not used to looking after their own things at home they will struggle to do so at school! 


 Other items

We will be able to sell you a book bag, PE bag and water bottle ( again in house colour) when you visit to meet the teacher in September.  

We want every child to have the official book bag and also prefer our branded PE bag. Water bottles have been a source of much stress in recent years! Ours are chosen because they are 1)unbreakable when dropped

2)the right size to fit on the trolley so they can be wheeled outside for break times

3)easy to  label with the child’s name

4)easy for the child to drink from and refill independently.
If you don’t buy ours or have a selection PLEASE consider these points! We will happily refill these throughout the day so they do not need a huge bottle! 

We hope this information is helpful. We look forward to seeing your children looking so smart and grown up in September. 

smileysmileyLook at this! Something to watch with your child! smileysmiley
A film about our school made by Miss Christie and our children. Some is filmed at the annex and some at Main Site. We hope you enjoy it.

We apologise for the delay in posting details about applying for  Wraparound Care provision.

Current guidelines mean we cannot provide Wraparound care to our current pupils-this is not due to numbers or staffing issues but simply because Government guidelines about keeping children in a "bubble" of no more than 15 children mean we cannot then put children from different classes together in a before or after school club.


If these guidelines remain in place in September , which is possible although obviously not certain,this will be the same for your children. We just want to raise awareness of this so you can explore other options if you wish to. Rest assured we will re-open clubs when we are allowed to. We will inform you of this on here. When details are posted you will have at least one full week's notice in which to apply so if you check regularly you will not miss the application process opening. 

This is the form to use. We are sorry but we cannot accept applications until 14th September 2020.

Starting School at Harborne Primary

We are very much looking forward to welcoming our new Reception children to HPS in September. In the meantime, we hope that this story helps them to get ready. Written by one of our teachers, the pictures were drawn by current pupils.

We look forward to meeting prospective parents of our new intake and advise you to keep coming back to this page over the year as it will have more information added as the year goes on.



Our Prospectus is on this website ( under “About Us”) and contains lots of information about school including uniform details. 
There is also lots of information about the starting school process on this page in the PowerPoint  document that was used at our Open mornings- see below. Obviously published  dates may have to change due to the impact of COVID 19 and the current lockdown. 

Reception National Offer Day- what do you do next?

Presentation for Prospective Parents - Open Morning Tour and Talk