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Our Reception team have many years experience in welcoming children and their families to our school. Our priority is to get to know each individual, to help them settle and enjoy participating in a wide range of learning experiences. Reception is all about developing the friendships, skills, attitudes and behaviours they will use for the rest of their school careers and indeed for the rest of their lives!


Our Prospectus gives you a wealth information about our school.

Starting School at HPS

We are very much looking forward to welcoming our Reception children back in June or when their parents are ready to send them. We are also planning to welcome 120 new Reception children in September ( we hope!)
One of our talented teachers made this book with the help of some of our Keyworker children. We think it’s wonderful and hope you do too!
The staff featured are our team for the 2019 entry cohort. They love the pictures of them but say they are only a little bit silly....🤪

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More reading ideas from Mrs Sprackling!

Reception 'Ticking Over' bits and bobs

Online Phonics Lessons

Home Learning Summer Term 2

Shake shake, shake shake
Butter and buttermilk
Cool cow
Pour it in
Full, empty or half full?
Nature spotting
So close to the sheep
Super drawing of bull, cow and calf
Lovely labelling
Growing plants and a fabulous cow
Marvellous writing
Look at the concentration!
Lovely work
Fab phonics
Great facts
Superb capacity work
Fantastic labelling
Super pig labelling
Great comprehension work
Brilliant bubble blowing
Bubble art
Perfect pig mask
Excellent Three Little Pigs scene
Fantastic labelling
Super ordinal numbers
Fabulous facts
Wonderful riding
Beautiful butterflies
Marvellous maths
Super riding
Superb storytelling
Pretty painting
Great pig comprehension
Pig puppet
Excellent positional language work
Brilliant ordinal numbers
Fabulous picture
Super sequencing
Excellent waterproof experiments
Paper plate chick
Great labels
Baking time
Mix it up
Straw house
I'll huff and I'll puff...
Brick house
Stick house
Fabulous life cycle of a chicken
Wonderful windmill
Fantastic phonics
Marvellous maths
Great picture and super labelling
Working hard
Off to school
Lovely labelling
Superb life cycle of a chicken
Excellent writing
Artist having a rest
Great Rosie's Walk work
Super junk modelling
Wonderful windmill
Fantastically fruity fruit kebabs
Great positional language
Brilliant picture
Frog-tastic halving work
Lovely drawing and labelling
Enjoying reading

Summer Term 2 Videos

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Home Learning Summer Term 1

Beautiful Rainbow
Super Science
Marvellous Maths
Brilliant Baking
Fabulous Cutting
Amazing writing
Yummy yum yum!
Brilliant balloon
Super rainbow
Lovely ladybirds
Tremendous tulips
Fabulous writing
Computer whizz kid
Great maths work
Super sums
Look at those number sentences
Getting creative
Amazing rainbow
Eggcellent Easter card and basket
Spring craft
Marvellous map
Great nature hunting
Super sorting
Brilliant ball skills
Lovely picture
Fantastic Shop
Brilliant buildings
Yummy cooking
That looks delicious
Exploring nature
Wonderful walks
Fabulous number sentences
Busy bee!
Fabulous picture
Building a town
Taking a break after all that construction!
Mega town!
Great drawing of your house
Lovely list
Terrific towers
Beautiful bunny
Marvellous map
Great story picture
Super numbers and writing
Brilliant birthday picture
Dazzling daisy and dandelion dress
Perfect weather for a spot of painting
Super shop
Biking about
Tremendous towers
Lovely drawing
Brilliant building for your toys
Bits and Bobs Shop
Super Solar System
Marvellous map making
Kitchen Cafe
Wonderful rocket
Super numbers
What an artist
Green fingered gardener
All tied up
Yum yum
What a great helper
Sharing books
Look at all of those colours
Team work makes the dream work
Perfect plant pot
Brilliant biking
Superb shop
Super scientist
Exploring science
Ready, steady, GO!
Loaded up and ready to go
Lovely rainbow
So neat and tidy
...clapping for our Superheroes
Wow! Virtually stroking a lion
Brothers keeping fit
Superb Solar System
Brilliant bird feeder
Beautiful bonnets
Egg-cellent eggs
Egg hunt
Super spelling
Map making
Making notes
Super s s s s
Lego Harborne
Great caterpillar
Brilliant bike riding
Pretty portrait
Marvellous map
Terrific trains
Excellent junk modelling
Brilliant bookmarks
Super Star Wars
Superb 3D shapes
Fabulous map
Fantastic features
Brilliant bridge
2D and 3D shapes
Brilliant bridge
Great writing!
Garden obstacle course
Excellent junk model bridge
Shapes around the house
Superb shape work
Letter to friends
Yum yum!
Number pebbles
Wonderful water wall!
Terrific country picture
Lovely card
Super writing
Great features of town and country
Junk model engineering
Scissor skills in action
Lovely picture
Great bridge
Super writing
Beautiful butterfly
Boat building
Floating on the river
Creative time
Great riding
Excellent map work
Beautiful basket
Chef extraordinaire!
Marvellous map
Magnificent map
Hair science...
...colourful hair
Book shop
Super supermarket
Treasure hunter
Don't fall in!
Making music
Great junk modelling
Preparing fruit-yum yum!
Country and Town
Brilliant writing
Handy counting in fives
Remarkable picture for our refuse collectors
Duggee Hugs!
Amazing map!
Super bridge!
Great work on 2s and 5s
Sorting farm animals
Pretty pebble
Pebble plate
Painting pebbles
Gorgeous Gruffalo crumble
Yummy cake
Super simnel cake
Green fingered gardeners
Beautiful plant picture
Lovely labelled picture
Marvellous rainbow
Super shop
Computer maths
Lovely letter
Brilliant writing
Creative caterpillar
Wonderful weather chart
Yummy yummy baking
Junk model-tastic!
Under the sea
Marvellous map
Super drawing, writing and maths
Brilliant bridge
Yum yum!
Amazing writing
Fantastic Lego farm
Wonderful writing
VE Day Afternoon Tea
Super sock counting
Superb sorting
Yum yum!
Playing farms
Great labelling
VE Day celebrations
Fab number work
Terrific junk model truck
Birthday celebrations
Bouncing fit
Lego farm
Yummy jam cookies
VE Day craft
Super bridge
Ready for VE Day celebrations
Brilliant bunting
Zoom cookies
Excellent combine harvester
M-ar-vellous 'ar' words
Super sorting
Wonderful 'ar' words
Brilliant! You know how to grow a plant
Fantastic farm picture
Playing with the  farm
Superb spirals
Excellent 2 and 5 numbers
Getting creative
Lovely painting
Super words
Messy business
Bend and reach
Feeding the ducks
Working hard
Is that an edible farm? Yummy!
Time with a little help from the dark side
Counting sheep
Sheep maths
Shamazing sheep
Sheep number bonds
Sheep number sentences
Fabulous phonics
Sheep drawing
Fantastic farm 1
Fantastic farm 2
Painting a farm
Playing with the farm
Thank You Key Workers
Playing Boules
Fantastic farm book
Wonderful writing
Prepping the plate...
...shamazing sheep
Woah! An exploding volcano
Family walks
Fantastic sheep facts
Watermelon fruit bowl
Dawdling ducks
Wonderful water wall
Superb sheep
Dice maths
Bug watching
Water science
Shaun the sheep
Creative cow
Super sheep
Concentrating hard
Writing away
Lovely lamb
Sheep family-tastic
Superb sheep
Beautiful rainbow
Sheep family
Farm book
Amazing numbers
Fab folding
Great 2s and 5s
Marvellous map
Super sheep
Fab friends
Superb circles and spirals
Lovely sheep picture
Problem solving
Super number sentences
Fabulous farm
Number line-tastic

Summer Term 1 Videos

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Brilliant Bridge.mp4

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Marvellous Maths.mp4

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Stepping stones.mp4

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Shadow Puppets.mov

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Reception Home Learning Photos

Retro gaming!
What a cheerful rainbow!
Great painting
Lovely window picture-well done!
Happy times!
Oil Rig 1 made with grandpa on FaceTime
Oil Rig 2 made with mummy
Fabulous garden shapes!
More great shapes!
Look at the concentration
Super scooting!
Love the glasses!
Baking brothers-yum yum!
Excellent artwork!
Terrific threading
Nature explorer
Yummy baking
Slippy sloppy slime
Science in action
Ballet time
Brilliant bread
Delightful dinosaur habitat
Mixing away
Yummy! That cake looks delicious!
PE with Joe
Jump to it!
Painting planets
Superb solar system
Catching up with friends
Spreading the love!
Author and Illustrator
So creative!
Stick Man oh Stick Man...
Lovely leaves and labels
Marvellous maths
Reading to my sister
Eggcellent colouring!
Super collection and labelling
Catching up
Will your beanstalk be as big as Jack's?
Outstanding observational drawing
Wonderful homeworking
Super science
Gorgeous garden picture
Rocking your Rockets
Great sentence work
PE with Joe
Mega moves!
Writing an Easter card
What a beautiful Easter/Spring picture!
'Stroking' a virtual tiger!
Tabletop football
Learning the time
Terrific textures
Fabulous football picture
Fantastic drawing of Room on the Broom
Wonderful writing
Great Jigsaw!
Super story map of The Snail and the Whale
Awesome observational drawing
Lovely zoo picture
Brilliant work on the life cycle of a butterfly
Computer whizz!
Super picture and writing
Fabulous work on big and small
Superb picture of The Snail and the Whale
Family walks
Looking for signs of spring
Fabulous life cycle of a frog work
What wonderful writing!
Brilliant baking
Great natural objects!
Riding on rainbows
Number bond rainbow
Getting crafty
Amazing artwork
Playing with my brother
What a fantastic certificate
PE with Joe
Wonderful weighing
Setting up shop
Riding around
Playing with my sister
Tiring dominoes
Super house
Having cuddles with my brother
Perfect princess
Amazing writing
Terrific threading
Super painting
Great rhyming words
Wow! What a beautiful butterfly
Super spring collage
Check out the chicks!
Yummy yummy cake
Letter bottle top rainbow
Lovely rainbow
Amazing junk model robot
Clapping hands
Catching up with the family
What a beautiful rainbow!
Lovely writing
Eggcellent eggs
Colour mixing
Chalk shapes
Great painting
Perfect printing
Super sticking
Brilliant Life Cycle of a butterfly
Wow! Look at all of your creations!
Lovely Easter cards
Look at that fabulous writing!
Beautiful butterfly
Fabulous face painting
Easter egg counting
Bug hunting
Beautiful blossom
A spot of gardening
Brilliant baking
Easter nests
Den making
Thank you NHS
Ice cream
Super Stick Man picture
Brilliant life cycle of a butterfly
Fabulous writing
Fantastic picture
Wonderful writing
Wowsers! Where will your rocket take you?
Camping in the garden
Spring eye spy
Beautiful ballet
Yummy fairy cakes
The Panda who came to Tea
Fantastic Easter craft
Green fingered gardener
Eggciting crafts
Fabulous flower pressing
Brilliant basket
Beautiful bonnet
What a lovely Easter card!
Yum yum!
Wonderful writing
Speedy scooting
Wow! Look at that bean!
Sending emails

Garden exercise.MOV

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Little Red Riding Hood.mov

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