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Year 6 Classrooms

We have had to remove two Year 6 classes from their classrooms last week, following advice regarding some mould which has developed in the rooms. This has become particularly noticeable over the last two weeks with all the rain we have experienced. The contractors advised us that until it can be cleaned off thoroughly we should take precautionary measures and remove the children and staff from the classrooms. We must stress that there have not been any assessments that the mould is hazardous, this is merely the best action for us to take to ensure the health and safety of our children.


The work on the classrooms is to be carried out as a priority and the children back in their cleaned classrooms today. In the short term both classes were taught in the junior hall. Our damp problem is due to a number of factors: the amount of water pumped into the school during the fire, no roof on the building for a period of time, but also because of water leaks in the existing roof. We are therefore having the roof work carried out over the weekend to ensure we are doing everything we can to remedy the situation.