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Summer Concert, Thursday 2 July, 6:00pm

All children involved in the summer concert have been given a letter to take home containing the following details:

Year 2, Key Stage Two and the Staff choirs will all be performing, with a wonderful joint song to finish that we are sure will move you all to tears!  The orchestra will also be performing, as will some of Mr Wilson’s ukulele group.

The concert will be taking place at St Marys Church on Thursday 2nd July at 6pm.  Key Stage Two choir and orchestra members should wear their music T shirts (which will have been given out by Mrs Gessey on the Monday), and usual school skirt/trousers.  They should arrive no later than twenty minutes before the start of the concert and go straight to their choir places.  Orchestra members should bring their instruments to be tuned if necessary, then place their music on their stands and sit in their allocated places on the stage.  The concert will last slightly less than one hour.  We will be having a rehearsal in school the Friday before (although some of Year 6 will be at camp), and a run through at St Mary’s on the morning of Tuesday 30th June.