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Response to Slido

For those of us already in isolation is there anything that is going to be given out that our children will need at home?


When the period of isolation has finished, parents are very welcome to come into the annex to collect workbooks, exercise books and login details for each year group’s Onenote page. If they would like a friend who’s not in isolation to collect these items during the period of isolation, the friend can come to the Annex from Tuesday 24/03 with written permission from yourself and collect on your behalf. Alternatively, the year group pages on the school website have work and useful websites already available.


Would there be additional material available to support key learning objectives for the children and any guidance for home-schooling?


Resources will be made available to families through the school website and through each year group’s Onenote page (login details were  sent home yesterday). Suggestions for the activities to be covered will be included within these resources.


What will happen with Y6’s pending trip to Oaker Woods in June? Do we pay the balance due in April? Thank you.


We will have to get back to you about the status of the Year 4 residential to Condover and the Year 6 residential to Oaker Woods later in the term.


Hey if they don't come back till after summer will they go up the next year or just delay the new term


I’m afraid longer term decisions are yet to be made.


Where do we find the home learning material? Is that on the school website for each year group?


Please see answers above. 


I am a teacher and my husband currently does not have the facility to work from home - do I fill in the form for key workers?


Please contact the school office.


Do we still need to pay for wraparound care if our children do not go? Will we lose our place come September if we don’t?


We will have to answer this question at a later stage.


the school website says the form for key workers has been updated. Is a new link going to be sent out?I’m a key worker per the gov, but not on the forms list.


Please contact the school office.


Hi, my wife is a part time key worker so the children don’t need full time care. I assume we can send them in on just the days we need cover?


Thank you for completing the initial online form. We will start sorting out a more accurate day to day register from Monday - please look out for further communication from the school.