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Response to Slido questions

Would it be possible to have the normal timetable for each class, so that we can have an idea of how hours are allocated to different topics throughout the day?

We wouldn’t suggest that families try to follow a normal school timetable because every circumstance is different and families will have to structure their day in the way that best suits them. In addition, I think it would be too much to ask for families to follow the full requirements of the National Curriculum!

A lot of people across the country are starting the day with Joe Wicks ‘PE with Joe’ at 9:00 every morning on Youtube. After that, we would suggest that children complete a maths and literacy activity in the morning, with a break in between. For some families and children, that will be enough. If you wanted to carry on after lunch, we would suggest more creative work: art or projects linked to the topic being studied. It really is very much up to you and what works best for your family. Further information clarifying this will be sent home tomorrow.  



We have log in details, but no one has explained this OneNote thing. What are we using it for and how? I can see the work itself is on the school website.

We are using Onenote as another means of allocating work and communicating with the pupils – children in school were introduced to it last Friday (with the exception of some of our younger pupils).

Guidance has been posted about how to access Onenote in the year group page of the website and also answers to questions frequently asked by the pupils over the last couple of days can be found in the Latest News section. These were generated by a Year 5 teacher so may or may not be relevant to your child, depending on their age.