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Onenote FAQs

Here are a few questions which are popping up:

1) How do I upload a document?

You need to click on 'insert' at the top of your screen, then click 'document then you should be able to browse your computer for your saved work. You can do this with photos too, through 'insert', 'image'.


2) Where do I find my one note work?

You need to open the link that was sent in your email from Mr Clifford. Then you should be able to look at all of your work in the content library.


3) How do I look at documents on the page?

Double click on the document on the page and then click download. This should put a copy on your computer.

4) Where should I do my work?

You choose where suits you best. If you would like to do it by hand, but still want it seen, you can always take a photo on a digital device and upload that onto your completed work section.