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New procedures for children with prescribed medication in school

You will have read in the newsletter towards the end of last term that we are altering the system for receiving and returning prescribed medication in school.

From this point on we are asking that families follow the procedures outlined below:

  • All medication to be brought into the school office by a parent or guardian.
  • Parents/guardians to complete form recording prescribed medication brought into school.
  • Parents/guardians make a note of the expiry date of the medication.
  • Child collects medication kept in the classroom from the office immediately after the register has been taken that morning and takes it back to the classroom.
  • Any expired medication to be collected from the office.
  • Expired medication being taken from the school site to be recorded on the form.

The intention is that we tighten up our procedures and have a clearer view of exactly what medication we have in school.

Many thanks for your anticipated support with this matter.