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Birmingham's Strategy for SEND and Inclusion Consultation

Birmingham City Council are consulting on Birmingham’s new Strategy for SEND (Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities) and Inclusion and the proposed direction of travel, including the Vision, Mission, Objectives, Priorities and their plans so far.

The Local Authority is obliged to keep its Local Offer under review and the consultation responses will be fed into that review. Schools have been asked to share the consultation document with parents to give them the opportunity to respond if they wish to, the deadline is 31st July 2017.

We have sent to parents of SEN pupils an email link to the consultation document this week – any parents, even if they do not have an SEN child, are welcome to respond to the consultation. To this end, we have put the document on our school website for parents to download if they wish to add their views to the consultation. The Local Authority want as many views of the parents and children as possible. This is a good opportunity to make your views heard. The documents can be found in the Parents section of our website.