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Arrangements for Christmas Concert

Children need to arrive at the church at 6.30pm.  Key Stage Two children need to wear normal school trousers/skirts and our special maroon music shirts, which will be given out to them at school.  (The shirts will also have instructions explaining when and how they need to be returned.)  They can also wear any festive decorations they wish!  Key Stage One children will be wearing party clothes.

When the children arrive, Key Stage Two choir children should go and stand in their choir places, Key Stage One children should go to the seating area at the front of the church which has been reserved for them.  Orchestra members should put their instruments and music on their stands, and see me if they need their instruments tuned.  Other musicians should get their instruments ready and sit in their reserved seats.

The concert will last for slightly over an hour (although we haven’t done a run through yet, so timings are approximate).  The concert is not ticketed, and St Marys is a large venue with plenty of seating.