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"A Midwife Crisis" - a Seating Crisis!

“A Midwife Crisis” – and a Seating Crisis!

As you know the infant department are performing their Christmas Production, “A Midwife Crisis”, next week on three different days.


We have asked parents of the different year groups to come on different days, in order to spread out the numbers:


9 Dec 9.15 am for Year 1 parents

10 Dec 9.15 am for Reception parents

11 Dec 1.45 pm for Year 2 parents


We have recently been made aware of some changes to restrictions on numbers of people in school halls at events such as these. Whilst we do not want to completely spoil the enjoyment of the production for parents – particularly for those who may have especially booked time off work a long time ago – we do have to be mindful of the health and safety restrictions for the sake of our children, as well as our visitors.


This means that we must limit the spaces to an ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM of 2 people per child, and even this limitation does not quite reduce our numbers enough if every child in the year group had two parents attend on the day. We realise this means that grandparents and wider family will not be able to attend if both parents are attending, and we are really sorry about this, but if we allow more into our hall we will be compromising on safety.


We would also ask that parents of children in more than one year group only attend on ONE day, in order to free up space for others.


We really have tried to find some middle ground on this, especially as it is at such short notice. For future productions we will have to issue tickets and entrance will need to be by ticket only so that we can limit the numbers to within the new guidelines. We do hope parents will try to understand our difficult position on this and work with us.


Photos and Videos:

Finally, can we also point out that whilst we are more than happy for parents to photograph and video their own children, we would respectfully request that they do not post any of these images on social media or internet websites. We have children in our school who are not allowed to have their images posted on sites for various reasons and we do not wish to compromise this in anyway.


Many thanks for your understanding and co-operation in these matters. We do sincerely hope that you enjoy our Christmas production.