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Ofsted Quote:

"The school has a strong tradition of musical achievements, with different instrumental groups and an excellent choir."

Our Music leaders are Mrs Bailey and Mrs Mitchell, and Music is part of our Creative Curriculum.



Music is an extremely important part of the curriculum at Harborne Primary School and all the children have an opportunity to take part in a wide range of musical activities - singing, composing using simple tuned and untuned percussion instruments and performing to others. As well as music in class lessons, assemblies and special concerts also provide opportunities for singing and children also share their instrumental talents, whatever the standard they may have reached. Visiting musicians, including parents, offer additional opportunities for children to experience live music and workshop experiences.


Throughout the year there are productions and concerts The choir is open to all comers and the older children regularly perform in venues across the city for example, singing at the Council House as well as simply sharing their music together in school.


Instrumental music is a strong feature of the school. All children in year two have the opportunity to learn the recorder. As they progress into the junior department, peripatetic staff also teach strings, brass and woodwind instruments. We want these opportunities to be open to all, so although a small charge is made in line with the Governors Charging Policy, this can be discussed confidentially with the headteacher.