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Information about your child's new year group 2022

Moving Up and Transition into 2022-23 for Children and Parents


As well as keeping the children on their learning journey for the final half term of the school year, we are also busy preparing for a smooth transition into the new school year for the children.

We are planning several things where the children can begin to prepare for next year and also events where parents can come into school to find out about next year:


Monday 4th July          Letter to parents showing new classes

Wednesday 6th July    Children spend day in new classroom with new teacher (wherever                                          possible)

                                    3.30-4.30pm Parents into school to informally 'Meet the Teacher'

Monday 11th July        Current Y5 parent's induction meeting for Y6, 9.10am in studio

Tuesday 12th July       Current Y4 parent's induction meeting for Y5, 9.10am in studio

Wednesday 13th July  Current Y3 parent's induction meeting for Y4, 9.10am in studio

Thursday 14th July      Current Y2 parent's induction meeting for Y3, 9.10am in studio

Monday 18th July        Current Y1 parent's induction meeting for Y2, 9.10am in studio

Tuesday 19th July       Current Reception parent's induction meeting for Y1, 9.10am in                                          studio.


Please note that the induction meetings in the studio, at the main site, are for ALLPARENTS of that year group, including the annex. There is only one meeting for each year group. If parents are unable to make the induction meeting for their child’s year group, the powerpoint presentation slides will be made available to themafterwards.

We are also thinking about other events for the children to prepare for their move, for example for Year 2 children going up into the juniors, for SEND children who are supported by particular adults, for Reception children moving to Y1 and for year groups who are being mixed up. We recognise that these can be worrying times for children and are doing all we can to help them understand the changes and be ready for them.