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Friends of Harborne Primary School - Who we are

All parents are automatically members of our lively Parents Association and some enjoy making new friends by attending monthly meetings and /or helping out at events. We organise many events during the year including Film Clubs, school discos, DIY days and Summer and Christmas Fairs.

All proceeds raised from Friends events fund school projects that will benefit children in all years and on both sites.

We usual meet at 8pm on the first school Monday of each month. You can contact Mrs Hallam in school via our enquiry email address if you want to get involved. Events and information about Friends are shared in the weekly school newsletter.


Find us on Facebook and Instagram!

We are now on Facebook Friends of Harborne Primary School (www.facebook.com/friendsofharborneprimaryschool/   OR search and follow friendsofhps on Instagram)


WhatsApp class groups

We hope you are finding the class WhatsApp groups a helpful way of finding out about opportunities to give time, money or resources to school. If you are not a part of your class group but would like to be, ask your child’s teacher to point you in the direction of the class link. Our thanks go out to all of the parents who continue to respond to requests from teachers for donated resources or time.



Thank you to the 384 supporters on Easyfundraising who have raised over £10,000 for school. Please think about buying through Easyfundraising  – every penny really does add up! To register visit www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/harborneprimary/

Or simply download the Easyfundraising app. There is a handy donation reminder that will pop up when you are shopping online-you pay nothing extra but school gets a donation when you shop. 



If you have any questions please feel free to contact The Friends.

Send a message to friends.

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