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Fabulous French 2014-15

Frequent Flyers 2014-15 - We have made some amazing artwork.

Frequent Flyers 2014-15


As part of Wednesday afternoon enrichment activities, Frequent Flyers have been travelling all around the world with Kenny the Koala, visiting different countries and continents! We have visited: England, The Netherlands, Denmark and Mexico, finally flying Kenny safely back down under to his native Australia!


Along the way we have enjoyed arts and crafts, stories, dance, food tasting and even some food hunting! Below are some examples of the lovely art work that Year 1 and 2 children produced last term as part of Frequent Flyers. The beautiful sunflower paintings were part of our Netherlands themed week where we learned about the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh and the children created their own version of this iconic work of art. Our Denmark week was themed around the famous author Hans Christian Andersen and the children expertly collaged their own ‘Little Mermaids.’ For Mexico it was ‘Fiesta’ time! – We learned about the symbolism of the sun in Mexican art and crafted our own using the children’s handprints. Finally we landed back in Australia where we learned about aboriginal culture, tried our hand at dot paintings and found out more about important landmarks such as Ayers Rock. Phew, what a lot of travelling and exciting adventures we had!