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Letter for Parents Regarding Step 4 of the Contact Tracing (from 19th July)

3MB Parents:


Your child's class will be in school today, following advice and guidance from the coronavirus helpline. Any close contacts will be contacted by NHS Test and Trace.

Any children not already in school today can come into school tomorrow please.

Messages from Parents for the Community:



We love being part of this amazing community 🌸


From Monday 17th May

We have been consulting staff on the next step out of lockdown on our Harborne Road Map. From Monday 17th May the following measures will be in place:

    1. Playtimes and lunchtimes outside will be larger groups of children mixing
    2. Lunchtimes inside will be in year groups and returning to packed lunches for juniors in the studio so that Year 5 can finally get into the canteen for their hot meals
    3. Phases (two year groups) will gather in the halls to watch recorded assemblies, but still socially distanced in bubbles
    4. Some moving of children between year group classrooms, as whole classes, may take place
    5. Outside PE in year groups, using equipment
    6. Small group interventions across year groups, with social distancing
    7. Reading books no longer need to roost before going home.

Parent Reminders:

Parents Please:

     Only 1 adult per child

 Wear a face covering

      Stay 2m apart

      Leave site quickly


Re-opening Plans for 8th March 2021

Blended Learning Policy November 2020

DfE guidance for parents



A reminder to make families aware of the government’s guidance ‘What parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges in the autumn term’. This guidance sets out when children and young people may be unable to attend school in line with public health advice to self-isolate because they:


  • have had symptoms or a positive test result themselves
  • live with someone who has symptoms or has tested positive
  • are a close contact of someone who has coronavirus (COVID-19) and are requested to do so by NHS Test and Trace or the PHE advice service

Drop off and Collection Times:

From Monday 2nd November we will be changing the drop off and collection times slightly by reducing them; the staggered times have worked really well and you, as parents, are being excellent at staggering when children are arriving, which means we can have a narrower slot to give teachers some preparation time back. Please note that if you arrive to collect after the allotted ten minutes this will be marked as a late collection, as we used to do in our late book. It is important children are collected on time and families move off site as quickly as possible to reduce the congestion around school. And please remember to wear your masks.


Main Site



Drop off 8.40-9.00am

Collect 3.00-3.15pm

Drop off 8.40-9.00am

Collect 3.20-3.30

Year 1

Drop off 8.40-9.00am

Collect 3.10-3.20pm

Drop off 8.40-9.00am

Collect 3.10-3.20pm

Year 2

Drop off 8.40-9.00am

Collect 3.20-3.30pm



Year 3

Drop off 8.40-9.00am

Collect 3.10-3.20pm


Year 4

Drop off 8.40-9.00am

Collect 3.20-3.30pm


Year 5

Drop off 8.40-9.00am

Collect 3.20-3.30pm


Year 6


Drop off 8.40-9.00am (no late mark given for arrival between 9.00-9.10am)

Collect 3.30-3.40pm

School Meals: 

From Monday 2nd November all infant children (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) at both sites will return to having hot meals every day. We are doing this and managing to maintain the class bubbles at lunchtimes by using the canteen and infant hall at the main site, and by using different tables and spaces in the hall at the annex.

Junior children (Years 3-6) will continue to have cold packed lunches for two days a week, but on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays they will have the choice of a hot option brought to their classrooms. This will be a trial to see how it works, with the chance of it extending to 5 days a week if all goes well. The children will be asked on a Friday to choose their meals for the week in order to cut down on admin time for teachers and office staff. 

Junior children who are school meals will therefore receive school hot meals for three days and school sandwiches for two - they will be signed up for the five days each week, not bringing in their own packed lunch.

Menus for both of these new changes will be published in next week’s newsletter.



From Monday 5th October teachers will be setting Homework on our new remote platform called Purple Mash. Your children will have their own log in for this resource. There will be a small amount of homework set to begin with to give everyone a chance to get used to the new format, but then it will gradually build up.

We are still being very cautious and NOT sending home reading books with children – this we believe to be the right thing to do because of the increased risk of cross contamination if we start sending lots of things home to then be brought back into school. We know other schools are doing this differently, but we are deliberately choosing to be risk-averse in order to protect our bubbles as much as we can. We ask you to bear with us on this. We are, however, looking at online reading clubs to help with childrens’ reading at home to support this.


Bubble Closures:

In the event of us having to close a bubble down due to a positive COVID19 case, the children of that bubble will initially bring home with them a paper pack of work activities to last the first two days of isolation. There will be three activities per day in the pack – one literacy, one numeracy and one other subject area. Following those first two days, teachers will set remote learning work on the Purple Mash platform to be completed at home for the rest of the isolation period. This is why it is so important that we get Purple Mash up and running ASAP.



All year groups are now working on the ‘normal’ curriculum for the year group, whilst also trying to work on ‘catch up’ for what the children missed during lock down. For the Curriculum Overviews for each year group make sure you visit the Curriculum page of the school website and go to Curriculum Overviews 2020-21; this will give you an overview of what each year group is doing. For the younger classes these overviews only cover a term, for the older classes they cover the whole year, divided up into terms.

Each year group will have catch up plans and will be working on these in the coming weeks and months. Most of these will be in small groups from the class bubble or socially distanced class bubble groups from the year group with added ventilation and no shared resources; some catch up work may be whole class.


Parent Guidance - What To Do If........

Visitor Guidelines COVID19


Back to School Guidance from the Government


Parents are encouraged to visit


for information and practical guidance to help them plan for their children’s return to school. This includes the government's latest update to the

guidance for parents and carers on what they need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges in the autumn term.

COVID Safe Poster from Our School Meal Provider, AiP

Starting School again at Harborne Primary

Here's a bedtime story to share with your children before we reopen on Wednesday 2nd September. It might feel a bit like starting school all over again!