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I’d like to update parents on the current COVID-19 measures in place in school. We are still encouraging good handwashing, twice weekly LFD tests for staff, staying at home if unwell or tested positive and practising good hygiene such as sneezing or coughing into elbows or using and disposing of tissues properly. We are also still having touch point cleaners throughout the day at both sites.


Schools are no longer required to identify close contacts of COVID cases in their setting. If we have more than 3 confirmed cases in one class we will send a “warn and inform” letter to let parents know about it. Pupils who have mixed closely with the confirmed cases or are contacts of a case due to contact outside of school will be advised to have a PCR test. It is helpful if children who are close contacts remain at home until they have a negative result as this helps to further reduce the risk – thank you to all the parents who have adhered to this request so far.


If the school has a large outbreak, the public health advice will be based on a risk assessment and may include some or all of the following measures:

  • Reducing mixing between year groups or classes
  • Cancelling large school gatherings such as assemblies, open evenings, scheduled sports events, residential school trips and school staff meetings
  • Moving to online learning.


These measures will be discussed and jointly agreed with the school, UKHSA, Department for Education, the Council’s Education and Skills and Public Health teams using the Department for education’s contingency framework.

Visitor Guidelines COVID19 2021

Letter for Parents Regarding Step 4 of the Contact Tracing (from 19th July)

Messages from Parents for the Community:



We love being part of this amazing community 🌸


Parent Reminders:

Parents Please:

     Only 1 adult per child

 Wear a face covering

      Stay 2m apart

      Leave site quickly


Blended Learning Policy November 2020

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