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Harborne Primary School                                          Harborne Primary School Annex
Station Road                                                              Court Oak Road

Harborne                                                                    Harborne

Birmingham                                                                Birmingham

B17 9LU                                                                     B17 9AB

Email:  enquiry@harborne.bham.sch.uk

Tel: 0121 464 2705


If parents wish to speak to the class teacher about their child they can ask the Senior leader or representative on the door in the morning to arrange an appointment after school, or telephone into the office. Teachers are available for parents immediately after school finishes for informal chats. We also have three parents' evenings a year in November, February and July.


Any issues should always be taken up with the class teacher first and foremost, escalating to the phase leader if there is still an issue, and then the next step would be the Deputy Head or Head Teacher. Should there still be issues which remain unresolved the final course of action would be to contact our Chair of Governors.