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Ofsted Quote:

"Pupils are extremely proud of their school and have excellent personal qualities."

Harborne Primary School Council 2016/2017
Picture 1 Emilia and Harrison from 1H
Picture 2 Luca and Mia from 1OM
Picture 3 Seb and Reem from 1T
Picture 4 Maryam and James from 2S
Picture 5 Barney and Lily from 2VS
Picture 6 Sharanya and Ethan from 2GR
Picture 7 Chloe and Eva from 3FB
Picture 8 Conor and Florence from 3B
Picture 9 Alex and Sana from 3J
Picture 10 Charlotte and Jingxi from 4S
Picture 11 Surya and Joy from 4W
Picture 12 Amelie and Dylan from 4E
Picture 13 Joseph and Lily from 5C
Picture 14 Charlie and Izzy from 5VP
Picture 15 Josh and Kizzi from 5OS
Picture 16 Cyrus and Eva from 6M
Picture 17 Isobel and Salma from 6MP
Picture 18 Nell and Rowan from 6W

Dates of meetings:

Autumn Term:

Wednesday 19th October, 1:40

Tuesday 15th November, 10:45

Thursday 1st December, 9:00

Wednesday 14th December, 9:00


Spring Term:

Tuesday 17th January, 9:00

Friday 3rd February, 11:15

Monday 20th March, 10:45

Tuesday 4th April, 11:30


​Summer Term:

Friday 28th April, 9:00

Thursday 11th May, 9:00

Wednesday 7th June, 1:40

Tuesday 27th June, 10:45

Thursday 13th July, 9:00