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Reception 2018

Reception Induction Parents' Presentation 4th July 2018

Harborne Primary School FAQ document Re School Expansion on to Court Oak Site


Key questions:

What does the school see as the benefits of the expansion and some of the challenges?


  • To meet the need for extra primary places in an oversubscribed location
  • A larger school will offer benefits due to economies of scale/size in a time of challenging budgets
  • New site will provide new facilities which can be used and accessed by the whole school community


  • Ensuring the two sites operate as one school
  • To manage parental expectations when organising children into classes. It may be that not all parents will get the site they prefer.
  • Responding dynamically to the needs of the new annexe and those of our current site as the school grows year on year.    


How will the school allocate places to children in the 2018 intake?

  • All sibling places will be offered a place in a class that will remain on the Station Road site unless parents directly request alternative placement.
  • All other places in these classes will be offered to those children living nearest to the Station Road postcode. Therefore the “bulge class” will be the children that would not have been offered a place had the PAN remained at 90.
  • We are presuming that most parents of this first cohort would prefer the certainty of being in a class that will remain at the Station Road site. If any parents have a wish to be placed in the bulge class with a move to the  Court Oak site if the plan comes to fruition then we can accommodate this if they let us know.
  • In future years – 2019 onwards we may review our process for allocation of children to classes and consider proximity to Court Oak site as a possible criteria. This will be an internal decision made by the school. We will maintain the practice of placing siblings on the same site.
  • Allocation of Looked After Children [LAC] and Special Educational Needs [SEN] pupils will be based on how the school feels they can best meet the needs of the particular child. Requesting and then accepting a place could mean being allocated to a class at either site.
  • During the term before the children start school there will be some movement between allocated sites as places are declined by other families. Once the children meet the teacher on July 4th there will be no more such movement and so children on the school waiting list would be allocated a place as they came up. These parents would then know which site they were allocated to at the time of offer and could accept or decline with this knowledge.
  • If a parent/carer has specific concerns about the allocation to classes they should contact the school no later than 20th April 2018.


How will the school aim to keep the two sites functioning as one school?

  • Staff at all levels will work across both sites as required. We will continue to have a shared curriculum, ethos, vision, policies and practises. These will be consistent across both sites.
  • This is one school and children based on both sites will spend time visiting the other site throughout their time as a pupil of HPS.
  • Whilst the Court Oak site is not full we will utilise the facilities available there by having large groups of additional pupils from Station Road walking to and using the new site on a daily basis. They will be able to establish relationships with the younger pupils as well as benefiting from the environment and facilities at the new annexe.
  • We will continue to hold special events e.g. themed topic days including all pupils in a year group on one school site.               


How will HPS ensure standards across the schools?

  • The school will have one Governing Body and Senior Leadership Team working across both sites and they will aim to ensure consistency of standards of teaching and learning, access to resources and learning experiences. Our ‘Friends of Harborne’ will also be able to use both sites for fundraising and community events.
  • Our usual weekly planning sessions for teachers will include all staff in the particular year group across both sites.
  • We will review staffing on both sites annually and adapt our staffing allocation in order to meet any unique needs on either site.
  • Specialist teachers and Senior leaders will distribute their time proportionately across the two sites.


How will the Court Oak site accommodate parking requirements of a new annexe?

  • The planned new annexe has provision for both parking for staff, disabled and visitors. We will encourage our parents and children to walk and use alternative transport rather than cars where ever possible.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   How will the school establish sustainable travel?
  • We see this as an opportunity to increase pupil travel between the two sites and this will require them to walk safely, helping them to learn life skills useful for living in an urban area such as Harborne.
  • Staff who need to travel between sites would most likely walk or car share if required. We realise there is limited parking on the new site but more than we have on the current Station Road site.
  • We have provision for cycles and scooters identified on the plans. These can be used by both adults and pupils.
  • We have developed a School Travel Plan which has been published as part of the Planning Application.
  • A pedestrian crossing is proposed on Court Oak Road and a new pathway will be created onto the school site.
  • We would expect, as at Station Road, we will have a window of time for children to arrive at school to reduce pressure on dropping off in the morning.


How will the school work effectively in order to share the site with Baskerville Special School?

  • Meetings have already taken place with Baskerville school to establish a joint use agreement for both schools. Both parties are keen to share facilities on this large site which offers a Multi- Use Games Area [MUGA] and a forest school environment. The Joint Use Agreement will establish the level of access both schools will have to the facilities.


Will the Court Oak Site offer after and before school Provision?

  • As and when the annexe site opens we will be able to assess the level of need for such places. All 120 Reception children will have equal access to such provision in  Station Road site during their first year in school and so we will have time to assess the level of demand and plan for it as we plan for their intended move to  the Court Oak site in September 2019.


How will I know if my child is going to be in the “bulge class?”

You will get your school offer from the Local Authority. It will just say “Harborne Primary” and will not indicate if your child is in the bulge class or not.

Mrs Hallam, our Phase leader for EYFS, will be able to provide this extra information. You can email her as soon as you have your offer. She will respond as quickly as she can. Please use this email address purely for enquiries about places: reception@harborne.bham.sch.uk   Please put your child’s name and date of birth in the subject area.