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Committee Structure

Committee Structure

Curriculum Committee

The task of the Committee is to consider and make recommendations to the governing body on standards and other issues relating to the school’s curriculum, including statutory requirements and the school’s curriculum policy.

Chair      Oli Devine

Other members Mandy Hughes
  Jenny Higgins

Katharina Freise

Emma Gray

Premises Committee 
The premises committee is concerned with the use of premises, grounds and extended school facilities. It makes recommendations on accommodation, caretaking, cleaning, decorating and maintenance. It monitors efficient use of utilities such as water, electricity or gas and maintain an overview of costs and lettings policy of premises. Health and safety also falls within this remit. 
Chair      Nick Secker

Other members Andrew Shelton
  Ryan Hawley

Kully Kaur Samra

Karen Mackenzie

HR Committee 
This committee has responsibility for reviewing and agreeing staff provision, agreeing procedures for staff selection, appointment and performance management, contributing to the appraisal of the head teacher, reviewing and agreeing staff training programmes and reviewing and agreeing pay. 
Chair      Nick Secker

Other members Mark Slater
  Alex Brennan
  Nicki Quadri
  Andrew Shelton
  Suki Heer

Finance Committee 
The finance committee reviews and agrees the school's proposals for the budget and recommends it to the full governing body, review the school fund account and reviews and keeps track of expenditure. 
Chair      Karen Mackenzie

Other members Mark Slater
  Mandy Hughes

Alex Brennan

Jemima Phorson